So this week I was looking into buying an overdrive pedal, perhaps an ibanez TS, and i watched all of these demo videos on youtube. All of these people were turning back the gain, pumping the volume, and then adjusting the TONE knob too, and it sounded freaking awesome.

So I tried futzing with those lovely knobs on the pedals I actually own and, wow, what a ****ing difference.

I'm a changed man.

I've a Big Muff Pi and an MI audio crunch box that sound so much better now. Previously I had the tone cranked all of the way treble but didn't realize why at high volumes the pedals sounded terrible. Since I mostly play soft (due to NYC neighbors) I never knew, but I've recently started playing in a practice studio (where we can crank it) and the pedals were unusable.

Anyway, that was my epiphany for the week. Now, I'm thinking of getting a Fulltone Full Drive 2 Mosfet instead of that tubescreamer, but I'm not sure. Any opinions?
I dunno the ocd from full tone sounds great.
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Sounds to me like what you really want is a nice EQ pedal.
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I'd probably be using it to gain dirt on top of my peavey classic 30. But also standalone. You know, a bit of both perhaps.

I hadn't thought of an EQ though. hmm.