I've been playing a gibson explorer for a few of years now and recently have been playing in drop C#(Db). I've started noticing that the 2 open c# strings are clashing in pitch. The weird thing is that the tuner says they're both perfectly in tune yet i hear that the bottom c# is sharper even though the tuner says otherwise. Its really annoying and throws off any chords with a third in it.

Now i've tryed intonating the correct way with the whole checking the 12th fret thing and adjusting the saddle and also messed with the action but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know whats up??
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Might be your tuner if you have a cheap tuner, or maybe try new batteries. If all else fails, just use your ear.
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Go with your ear if your tuner fails you. If it sounds right to you, that's all that matters, because you're the one hearing it.
I've tried 3 different tuners and I play in a band so if i use my ear, i wont match the other guitarist. :/ Should I take it in for a tech to look at it??
tune to the other guitarist then not your tuner...

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Use the other guitarist's tuner?
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