I've written some of my own stuff on Guitar Pro and I want to upload it to my band profile. The thing is I want to convert it to mp3 so people don't open a midi track in Guitar Pro and rip me off.

I've tried Audacity but I haven't figured anything out yet.

Any thoughts?
First, you have to export it to a wave (.wav) format with guitar pro.
Just go in file - export - WAVE... then you will have to listen to the whole track once and it will create a wave file of your song.

Then, import this wave file in audacity and you can export it to a mp3 format if you download the LAME codec (just google it and search a little, you should find it).

Hope this helps
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i don't really understand your problem with this... a good musician can play anything from ear... so this don't prevent anyone to "rip you off"
on the other hand, if you worry about things like this, i don't think anyone would want to rip you off

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Sorry guys, I should have mentioned:
I use TuxGuitar, not Guitar Pro. There's no export WAV thing. =/