I got an univeral audio solo 610, when i record guitar through the DI input the sound becomes a little dull. Now i read on several websites i should apply an Amp effect to it, i got some, sounds great, but are there different ways to record the guitar, next to mic-ing up the amp. Since i dont own one...
The univeral audio solo 610 is a nice unit but is more built around being a mic preamp rather than a DI box.

A DI box is made to change an unbalanced signal to a balanced one so the engineer can run a 50+ foot cable to the snake or interface without any noise in the line.
On most active and passive DI boxes you get two unbalanced 1/4" jacks, and a single balanced XLR output.

The guitar plugs into one 1/4" jack and the other is run to the amp so the guitar player can hear himself.
The XLR output goes to the console where it records the output of just the pickups and not the tone of the amp.
I've seen people use a mix of both signals but I tend to just apply amp simulator plugins to the clean signal from the pickups.
Line6 has a few good VSTs as do others. Check out the VST thread linked at the top of the forum for more info.

If you don't own an amp, my suggestion is to either buy one or get an audio interface with an instrument input on board that way you can ditch the DI box and run a much more simple setup.
Line6 has units built around capturing guitars without amps:
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