Hey guys

I'm looking into getting this multi FX for several reasons -

1. My current amp (Vox VT15) has in-built effects, some of which i use very rarely, but others i use often. Instead of buying an individual stompbox for all of these, I'd rather buy one single pedal

2. It has delay, which is one of the effects I use very often and also need to find a pedal for (for cheap)

3. I want to do some home recording.

Now I realise that this pedal won't provide the same quality of effects as individual stompboxes would, but as a stopgap solution until more funds become available it suits me well. Also, the recording aspect would be helpful.

My questions -

Does anyone own this particular piece of kit? If so, how reliable is it, what are the effects like tone/quality wise?

Is it a decent bit of kit for recording with? Not serious recording, just a few demos and stuff.

Finally, can this be used with bass as well as guitar? When funds become available (Soon hopefully, after driving lessons end) I'll be able to buy a couple of dedicated stompboxes for delay and phaser etc, so I'll give this to my brother (My bands bassist), if of course it will work with a bass.

Any answers to these questions will be fantastic. Cheers in advance.
This device has no native USB support, so if that's how you were planning on recording then guess again. You can either buy an interface that will allow you to plug the 6.5mm jack into your USB port, or you can buy a microphone. Now the second option strikes me as being the better one, because the microphone has a much longer list of applications than a guitar/USB interface IMO. I don't know if you have considered this, but you didn't mention one way or another.

As for whether or not it will work with a bass - the answer is yes. How will it will work is another question, but yes you will be able to do delay and flange and such with the bass (though why you would bother I don't know).

For the same money, I would recommend the Digitech RP150. I have had the bigger RP500 for a while now and I have been very happy with it. It offers more than the ZOOM, except for an expression pedal.
I have the Zoom G1 and the vox vt15. The Zoom G1 sounds nice but u have to mess with the controls a lot. the presets suck on the pedal so u should make your own patches. It sounds decent with the amp but i think it sounds best when using with headphones.

If u are going to be recording, get the Zoom G1U. It has a USB port but its a bit more expensive.
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I have to agree that you might be better off with a Digitech RP, whatever model. I had a RP250 and it wasn't bad, just the distortion wasn't up to par for me and I sold it.
I've heard it's solid for recording, though I never did myself.
Might look into the cheaper RP's then, my distortion, Octave fuzz and Wah are covered, just not delay or any other effects I would use. I can get an RP55 for $99, but thats the lowest end of low I assume?