I decided to make a decent recording... Now, although I love the intro and second part of this, I'm not sure about the last... Maybe I shouldn't have put the drum fill? Or change the whole riff (which is a modified Gamma Ray riff). Do you think it would work if I put an outro in the concept of the intro?

Midnight Jam

I don't know, I've listened to it many times and I'm completely baffled... Plus I didn't plan how to construct the track, it's completely "make along the way" or something...
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Erm, the intro goes on forever.... you need to change it or add something. The second riff is fairly dull too. I assume there will be vocals or a lead line to go over the top? The drums are generally dull and lifeless, and the fill is a bit pointless.

I think it's a good start. You've got a few riffs to work with. Keep going dude.
Like seemeel said, the intro does go on a bit too long. I suggest a lead or intro solo coming in over top of the intro you have right now on the 4th time through or so. I think the riff that follows is good for a song with vocals, I can definitely hear a vocal line on top of it, or even a lead line as seemeel also suggested.

Overall though, I think its a great start that needs a few improvements. A lead guitar or vocals and also I think that if you had the drums going double-time over the riff after the intro it would sound a lot better. Good work so far though man.
Thank you both for the suggestions... Nope, it's purely instrumental. I just record for me and I can only play the guitar... And yes, you're right. The intro is too long. I'll just play the riffs a couple of times and/or maybe add a second lead guitar as you said. Drums will take a loooot of my time since I don't know much about editing so I just left it as a metronome

Thanks a lot guys, I'll definitely work on your advice
How to Program a Metalhead ?
Don't worry, everything's fixed now. I didn't like it either, I reduced it to one "cycle" and added some melody.

Although the song's structure is reaaaally simple Intro>Main Riff>Chorus>Main Riff>Outro, I think it serves the purpose. At least it works for me.

Now, I arranged the drums according to my taste, I think it's pretty good.

Two things that I would change. Rhythm guitars: finger noise. It's really annoying at some points and destroys some of the feeling. Better control next time. Lead guitar: it falters here and there, I think I didn't mute properly.

All in all, it's my first recording, I'm really proud of it and myself, had lots of help regarding lead guitar sound from a friend of mine... hope you think it's good too.

How to Program a Metalhead ?