Hey guys.
Is there a better way to set up a bass to minimize string breakages? Im a guitarist first so if theres any tips to prevent this (apart from the boiling trick) I'd really appreciate knowing. I have a bridge like this; http://www.bassemporium.com/images_products/allpartsbb0336010.jpg and I usually break my B's and E's. I wouldn't mind 1 every now and then. But I've broken one of each of these every week for the last month or so. We have been gigging (and thankfully they've never broken on stage). What am I doing wrong? I do acknowledge I'm not exactly tender with them but I don't even break guitar strings that often (with regular gigging etc). I play with a pick which contributes to it aswell, I'm sure. But yeah, I appreciate any helo you guys can give
Well I think you must either be stringing the bass incorrectly or plucking/picking too hard. In my years playing bass, I have snapped only two strings, both of which were original on my first bass, and had been on for more than a year...

What strings do you use? What bass do you have? This info helps dude.

jokes aside, i've played bass for 4 years and NEVER broken a string, so that sounds incredibly weird to me. where do the strings break? maybe you put them on wrong.

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I play with a pick which contributes to it aswell, I'm sure. But yeah, I appreciate any helo you guys can give

That's strange.. I'm no expert because I don't really consider myself a proper bassist, but the only time I've ever broken strings is through extended slapping and popping. I've never broken a bass string from pick use.

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you must either be stringing the bass incorrectly

This is the only conclusion I can come up with too.




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I've never broken a string either, how do you people do it?!
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Similar to the other thread. I've never broken a bass string and I beat the shit out of my bass. Only time I could ever see myself breaking one is by popping one of the high strings too hard.

I'd say look at the stringing tutorial on tunemybass.com and try again, or have a pro/store/friend who knows how to string a bass do it and see if they break again.
Hi There, Here is a tip that you can use on both guitar & Bass, However as others have mentioned its very rare on bass....However this can only help.when re stringing pull your string through and mark it with a black marker pen or whatever just prior to the bridge. remove the string and measure the distance from the string ferrule to the mark you made....Find a piece of electrical wire that when cropped to size and the wire removed will slip over the string like a sleeve and down to the ferrule, if there are any sharp edges in the area of the plastic sleeve it will assist greatly in preventing breakage....In addition make sure if the string breaks at the nut end to check the tree post for sharp edges....whilst on the subject if you bend a lot get a pencil and rub across the nut slots the carbon will get into the slots and will allow string to travel freely through the slots, this also assist in the string returning to pitch straight away.

Hope this assists you .... regards Fenderflyer.
I've only ever broken strings that I've left on too long and then tuned up too high by accident. How in the hell are you breaking strings on a Badass Bridge?
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What is this "string breaking" you speak of??? (I'm speaking as a bassist here.)
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