Hi everyone... This is my first post.

I've been playing the guitar for many years but never really used many effects, except and overdrive pedal.

I have a strat with a vox VR30R amp (30 watt virtual tube thing).

I want to get three separate sounds.

1. Clean
2. Clean but with slight distortion when hit hard.
3. Pretty big loud distortion sound but not really fuzz.

I'm playing mainly rhythm and it's indie/alternative music not metal.

I need to be able to get from one sound to another really easily and to go straight to clean fast when playing live.

I've been using the clean channel on my amp for clean and I then have a loop switch with a effects loop with a bad monkey overdrive and a Pro Co RAT. I set the Bad Monkey with low gain which makes the slight distortion sound and then use both for full distortion.

The problem I have is using two distortions in line causes feedback problems (not nice feedback).

Any ideas on dual channel overdrive pedals or other options?

Cheers in advance.
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Blackstar HT Dual http://proguitarshop.com/store/effects-overdrive-pedals-c-602_6/blackstar-ht-dual-p-1624 looks to do exactly what you need. There are many other dual o/d pedals around at similar prices, so its a case of try some out and get what suits you best.
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