hello I have an old thomas organ crybaby. the pot in my wah recently broke so i have to purchase a new one. i also wanted to make my wah true bypass but i'm not sure if it already is or not.
I know when i plug in my wah (i haven't replaced the pot yet), when its activated there is no sound whatsoever but when its deactivated I can hear the guitar again.
does that mean my pedal is already true bypass? I would assume so but I just want to make sure from someone who actually know about this stuff.
No, that just means it has a mechanical switch. The only way to tell if its true bypass is to open it up and check the switch. It will have a DPDT or 3PDT (most likely a DPDT) if its true bypass.
Is the tone change actually noticeable when the wah is off? Otherwise there isnt really much point in making it true bypass. Older crybabys actually have good bypasses, its the newer ones that have bad tone suckage.
if the wah hasn't been modded...chances are, its not true bypass. If you could snap a pic of the switch, we could tell you if it's true bypass or not.
thanks for clearing that up.
as for a pot, it doesn't matter between a $10 and $30 pot correct? they all do the same thing is my understanding