well... I've got a Schecter Omen Extreme ToM, so I wanted to upgrade the pup's
I wanted to put in a set of EMGs 81\85, but i'm think if they are going to kill my tone...
so the question is emgs or seymour's blackouts
will I get some nice sounds out of this guitar?
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What tone/style do you want to play?
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Holy crap, check this out!
i like some metalcore\deathcore stuff, so i really prefer very clear distorion... not too muddy
but at the same time I listen to things like Alexisonfire, Bon Jovi, Guns'n'Roses etc
so i like some nice clean tones too...
EMG's have a more punchy bass which is better for your distorted stuff, but you are right to be concerned about clean tone because EMG's do sound thin clean. Blackouts do have better clean tone but their bass isn't as punchy. If you get the blackouts and a good compressor and/or EQ pedal I think that will be your best bet.