I was in a local shop looking for a starter amp for a mate and I wondered if anyone could suggest some other amps we could look at. We were looking at modelling amps for about £100-£150. He's not looking for anything too complex nor does he have any requirements other than it sounding good for the money.

We looked at a few small practice amps like a small fender and a marshall. The fender had a control panel that looked like a car stereo and had a million and one features. Unfortunately it sounded like a builders radio. The marshal just sounded terrible.

We played on a vox vt30 and to our ears that sounded the best of what they had there and it had some ok sounds I guess and some effects.

I guess what he's looking for is something with some effects and amp models... essentially just some different sounds to dick about with while learning... but mainly he's looking for a fullish sound and not that portable radio sound.

Can anyone recommend any amps for us to seek out (within budget) please? He's still working out what he wants to play so definitely wants a practice modelling amp with flexibility rather than a more single minded valve amp. I'm sure that that requirements will come in time but not at the moment.


Personally the VT is probably the best modeler in your budget. Maybe one with a bigger speaker would be better, try the VT50. Consider the Roland cube or peavey vypyr too.

Or see if you can get a used Line 6 Flextone off ebay.
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The marshall just sounded terrible.

99.9% of the forum agree with you

on a more serious note. im in a similar situation looking to find my sound at the moment i own a peavey vypyr 30 which is a great amp, some possibilities for you to try are:

the peavey vypyr 30 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5nIDoMdatM

the vox vt30 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYTArC1ZwV8

IMO, these are the only 2 real contenders that you could consider.

you could also try a line6 spider iv, but i would recommend the vypyr or the vt.
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Peavey Vypyr 30
Or you could get a Vypyr 15 and still have change for a Pocket Pod or something which has a much wider selection of sounds.
Thanks for the help... I'll pass on the details to him and we'll try and find a peavey to play with. I think one of the ones we looked at was a line6... it was a pretty small thing and didn't sound great though. The vt30 really stood out with it's larger speaker.