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70 51%
67 49%
Voters: 137.
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I like both, and dislike that you don't have a "both" option.

Also versus thread.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.

and vs. threads
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Vans are more comfy and are better quality but converse just look so damn cool..
i love vans. i dont like the white cap on the front of chucks, vans shoes pretty much look the same but dont have the cap on the front
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Trump card.
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I'd prefer Vans, but Chucks look pretty good too.

This pool needs a "both" option.
I like vans, but not necessarily the brand.
I don't wear either but Vans look the least retarded of the two so I voted for them.
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I wear both, I'm that cool.
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I have a shit load of both. I like the variety of Vans but I'm gonna have to go with Chucks.

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How about neither? They both suck.

Comfiest shoes ever. Especially with attached tongues.
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Trump card.
This is what I wear, currently; I would go with Chucks, but so many people have them around here, that I don't really want them anymore.
Docs. I dont wear Cons anymore because I used to wear one black and one red one, and the red one wore out.
...In my opinion.
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Docs. I dont wear Cons anymore because I used to wear one black and one red one, and the red one wore out.

BENJEDIT: Wait, I can just wear the ones I havent worn yet on the other feet. Thankyou for jogging my memory TS!

ACTUAL BENJEDIT: It seems I pressed 'quote' instead of 'edit.'
...In my opinion.
I don't like the really flat Vans shoes, I much prefer the larger more padded ones. I've had my current pair for about a year though and the bottom is so worn there's basically no sole left and theres about 1mm of rubber between my feet and the ground. It's sort of uncomfortable.
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ugg boots. i'm ****ing cold.
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Give me some nice boatshoes or adidas gazelles, nike tennis or Puma clydes
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I'm rocking some lo-top, all white, leather converses atm. Love them. I hate those big skater style shoes, and I wear a lot of tight-ish fitting jeans where the bottoms are kind of tight so any wide and padded shoe just looks silly. I need something slim, like chucks.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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I like both, and dislike that you don't have a "both" option.

Also versus thread.

Pretty much this.
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ugg boots. i'm ****ing cold.

I don't get why people buy these boots! Even their name suggests they're ugly as ****!
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