Hey guys I haven't been on here in forever. But here's my deal. I have a beautiful PRS Custom 22 10 top hardtail. A guy wants to trade me a 1974 les paul deluxe for it. Now all I do is pretty much play rock and metal. I'm not sure how the small humbuckers would do in the LP. I've always wanted a real LP and I guess this is my chance. But I do love the crap out of my PRS. Im torn. The guys said the serial number is 507xxx which seems to check out as much as I could find.

I come here for advice. What would you do? This is rough.


The LP:

i don't think the mini buckers are optimal for metal.

you could get a paul with buckers for the PRS if you want a paul. there are plenty out there used. worth about the same as a nice PRS, i actually traded my 08 Standard for a McCarty.
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God keep the PRS,

that LP is nice but your PRS will probably be a better built guitar, with better electronics etc

and as you play metal you will find you probably wont like the LP's pick ups or hardware.

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PRS, that les paul wouldn't be good for metal and tbh just looking at the two i know i'd deffo keep the PRS anyways
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