the big walls to come are thought to hold us out
they fell once, by the hands of those who lost their minds
this isn't something we can fight for, only hope for
we can't break them down them by ourselves
we need your help,
but first you need to find truth within yourselves

It's a nose we all wear on our neck's and it's tide down
so you can fall anytime, or stray to far
and lose your life

you fell, and stayed lifeless
I can't help you if you don't try to fight
so don't say: I can't help this
I'm to insecure and I'll never have the might

the words we keep swing around and change day to day
we need to find one song that we can all sing every day
every word and note we have in our hearts change us in some way
they build up or break down our souls and our spirits
the only solution is to find someone who will sing this with us

you know, if you try
I'll sing along
keep going on
until we find the right song

you have the ability to fly
but if you don't drop your disguise
you can never touch the light

the light that you saw when you were a little kid
those dreams and aspirations that die by the minute
it's something you can have
you just need to work hard and believe in it

I hope you all listened to these words and decided
that you can do it, whatever problems you have
you can make it through it
and join hands with the rest of us
sing all our songs in harmony
break down those walls that keep returning
and keep your souls aflame with enlightened burning