Getting my first amp head and cab this week, however I'm not sure what Speaker Cable I should be getting, I'd like to get one from the brand, Monster. I've seen Speaker Cables with all different types of connections, is it supposed to look similar to instrument cables, this is the speaker cable I'm thinking of getting:
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Is this the correct lead for connecting a Peavey 6505+ to a Marshall 1960 cab?

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yes, they look the same as instrument cables. just be sure you get a speaker cable...you don't want to connect your head to a cab with an instrument cable. that could end badly...
Hmm, further question, I don't live in the US, which is where Monster dealers are located, I've found some on Amazon but don't know whether they are the correct cables because it shows the internal wiring rather than the jack. Can anyone link me to a UK store that sells it?