I don't know, how good do think it seems on the demos?

They are pretty highly regarded around here. If you're looking for a budget amp for some rockin' tones, you can't go wrong, I'd say.
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Great crunch tones for like classic rock and such. Really Marshall-esque, mid-heavy sound. Cleans aren't its strong suit, so if you're looking for a clean amp, look elsewhere.

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I've tried the head and cabinet extensively and really liked the combination - It was hard not to at the price Thomann were selling them for.

I think they can be a little bright for recording, unless you turn down the presence and treble a little. In which case (and I haven't tried this; I'm just guessing), an EQ pedal might work wonders. Same goes for a nice overdrive pedal. Though I KNOW that works because I tried it with mine.

It has the most amount of gain for an amp with EL84's that I've ever played. Not all of it is entirely usable, but I can imagine it being useful for some metal-heads with a tubescreamer stuck in front of it, or an EQ, as I already mentioned.

Because I bought the head, I didn't get a chance to try out the reverb as it only is available with the combo. I don't have it anymore; I could not afford to keep it at the time. And I have a Soldano already.

It's truly aweomse for blues/hard rock/soft metal in your bedroom or with your band, but not the best gigging or recording amp, imo. It breaks up quite easily, has a few harsh frequencies and isn't practical since it only has one channel and no boost function.
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