Yet again my floyd rose has made me more angry than a tin without tomatos. First time I took all the strings off at once when "restringing" it. After getting the guitar sorted and playing for a good month the strings got a bit rusty. I decided to give it another shot this time more idiocy from me I strung it with higher gauge strings causing the bridge to go high. I've slackened the strings off a bit in order to float the bridge untill I sort the problem. What I want to know is... If I restring with the gauge of string I previously had on and go to the same tuning would the bridge float again? If not will I have to piss about with the springs and screws and all that jazz...

Happy for any help you can give me
p.s feel free to call me a plonker!
If you take the higher gauge off and go back to the gauge you had when it was last set up, you should be fine, it may go out of tune for about an hour, but it will all settle in again. Or, you could keep the higher gauge and either mess around with the springs and such, or get it set up by someone who knows how (i do it myself, if someone else can do it, why can't i).
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Seriously messing with the springs is easy. Here is why I do when going to a larger gauge.

1. Prop thr bridge level with something (I use a pencil or peice of 1/16th inch plywood)

2. Tighten the screws in the back

3. String it with the strings semi slack

4. Tune your strings. Appendix: if your bridge starts pulling away from the body, tighten the screws. You want to keep some pressure on the pencil or wood holding the bridge.

5. Once in tune, slowly loosen the screws in the back evenly, until the wood or pencil slides out easy, or just BARELY falls out.

6. Lock the nut, and make any final adjustment using the fine tuners. You may need to unlock the nut and use the tuners on the head, if your way out, but it should get the bridge level.
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Hey guys thanks a lot for all your help and quick replies! I think I will go back to the lower gauge and then if that fails then I will go through the steps that you have stated "Gundmamitpete" it may be next Friday by the time I get these new strings as I am at Download for the weekend AC/DC for the 2nd time! I'm crapping my pants in excitment ! Thanks again