Hey ! i just got like 1700$ for birthday and i need to buy lots of guitar stuff .
At moment i have a 30.Crate amp and Stagg Stratocaster copy .

Id really like to buy new guitar - Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1959 Reissue Ltd .
Then i would need a Pedaltrain Pedalboard + Voodoo lab Pedal power 2+
Also i need some pedals becouse I only have Behringer OD and DIST . Also just got Boss CE-5,which is nice .
I thought about Boss DD-7, a Wah pedal, from OD/DIST : Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet or OCD , or Crunch Box or something i dont know .. Maybe reverb and phaser later ..
And i also thought about a nice tube amp . I play hard rock ( some classic rock and metal too ) and i REALLY like Peaveys . I just got 15 so i cant transport all my stuff so easy on my own ..i hope u understand .
So what kinda of things should i buy ??
Please suggest and help !!
lol your going from crap gear to decent gear, gratz man. I would buy a peavey valveking halfstack (the tones your looking for are already in it) now you have around 700$ for a guitar, i would suggest maybe a decent jackson or a epi LP like you suggested. worry about all the pedals later on.
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My personal suggestion would be to hold off on the pedals for the moment and spend your money on just a new guitar and amp.

Pedaltrain + Pedal power alone will net you about $400 not to mention whatever pedals you decide to end up buying.

If you really want a pedal board it's far more economical to buy a piece of plywood a power bar, and individual power adapters. I'd only go the Pedaltrain route if you had money to burn.

I strongly strongly strongly recommend putting the money you would spend on pedals towards a good amp, as a good amp will go a lot farther towards getting you a great sound than any number of pedals ever could. If you like Peaveys you can probably find a used JSX, XXX, 6505 for under $1000. Any one of those would just decimate a Valveking.
To icronic :: the list you mentioned i would go like Peavey 6505 + Peavey Valve king 4*12 ?
Did I get it right ?
The matching 4x12 would be better. Honestly I'd go for a combo amp, or find a 2x12 cab instead though. 4x12s are a real pain to transport, and they're just overkill for home use.