I've been wanting a new guitar. But i've also been considering a new amp and a guitar.

so my options are
- a new guitar
- a cheaper new guitar + new amp.

If i'm only getting the guitar i'm probably going with a ESP Horizon fr II.
If i'm going with option 2 i'm thinking a Schecter hellraiser c1. But I have no idea about the amp because I know very little about amps.

My budget is 1500,- Euro's ( I can strecht to about 1700, But I prefer not too. )

I'm not going to spend everything on the amp, I want a new guitar.
The amp I'm using now is a peavey valveking 212.

What i'm looking for in the guitar:
-Superstrat shape
-24 frets
- I prefer active pickups
- Good for metal

What i'm looking for in the amp:
- Good for metal
- Decent cleans
- No modeling amps

I play: hardrock, trash metal, classic rock.
I'm sorry for my crappy english.
please give me some suggestions
if you're happy with your sound, then get just the guitar (amazing choice on the ESP btw. its quite an incredible guitar! ). if you aren't happy with it, then the Schecter hellraiser is quite a good guitar as well, or maybe just get an LTD version of the ESP? anyway, for an amp, i would probably suggest a Mesa Boogie Mark series or Rectifier series if you can find them used. if not, then maybe a Peavey XXX or JSX although i dont really like these as much. they're good if you can get them used, but not exactly what i would buy. a used H&K or ENGL are always options too!
I would just go with the ESP because it is a top notch guitar. Then you can save and later get a top notch amp. Buying an average guitar and an average amp will leave you wanting more, thus you will upgrade anyway and will have wasted your money. Perhaps you could see if you could find a used ESP (perhaps an FR-II, but I can attest to the awesomeness of the M-II) and a used amp like a Peavey 5150 or go Bugera or something.