hey guys, I'm looking for a chorus pedal. I have a Blackstar HT-5 and I play mostly rock and metal, but also a little bit of everything else. My price range would be roughly up to $100, but I'd really not like to have to spend that if theres a good pedal out there for less. I've been looking at the MXR Black Label Chorus and watched some videos and it seems really good. The only thing is that its right at the top of my price range. I didn't really want to spend that much, but I'm considering it. Does anyone have any input on it, or suggest any other pedals in my price range?
I really liked the Small Clone when I had it. They go used for well under half your budget too
for high end, i like the boss CE-1 and i own a tc electronic scf (stereo chorus flanger, does multiple things). i also have my eyes on a redwitch chorus pedal and a effectrode chorus pedal (they make weird ones that sound amazing).
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Second-hand Visual Sound Liquid Chorus.
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It's not technically a chorus, but a lot of people mistake it for one:
EHX Electric Mistress

It's what Andy Summers (The Police) used. It's also what I use, not that anyone cares...