Hey guys, I own a LTD EC 1000 and for some reason, the 3rd string on it always seems to go out of tune every 15-30minutes.
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Ok, this is a common problem on guitars, first, check your tuners and see if they are loose, with the guitar in tune, good tuner wont budge unless you put some effort into moving them, they shouldn't move just by touching them, if they do move, then I would recommend new tuners. Another common place for this problem is the saddles, the only real way to fix that is to get new saddles, and the last place that is common is the nut, the only way to fix that problem is to replace the nut.
its a common problem among the ec 1000 for some reason. i have one, and it does the same thing (not 15 minutes, but after about 45 minutes). from what i've heard, it happens to almost all of them. if its that annoying, try switching string brands or maybe getting a wound g string? if you havent set it up properly, then that could do it as well.
the G string will go out first on most guitars, its the thickest un-wound string so it struggles with tension
for some reason though i just get it out of tune faster on a les paul style body and my knock off strat holds it much better.

what i usually do; tune to pitch, bend at the twelfth fret to like 3-4 frets higher, tune to pitch again, bend to the same pitch again, tune again, bend again, untill it stops going out of tune down. usually takes me like 2 minutes max to get it to perfect pitch for 30 minutes after that it raises its pitch with 3-4 frets bends.

just my 2 cents maybe it works on the ec 1000 too i myself have a gibson les paul standard for the record.
You can't just increase string gauge sizes without resizing the nut slot! If you do you'll likely get binding (which may be happening now anyway). The Sticky on restringing your guitar should be reviewed first to make sure you have enough tunrs on the post and it's wrapped right. As mentioned earlier, loose machine heads should be eliminated too.
Then make sure the strings behind the TOM saddles clear the back of the bridge body on their way to the Stop Bar. Last, buy some nut lube and use it in your slots. This should fix the problem.

EDIT: Also check the tension on your tuners to make sure they're snug (but not overtighten).
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