I was wondering what you guys think I should do. I've been debating either A. Selling my guitar (ESP LTD EC-1000) and buying one that is passive that I love (and replacing the pickups pontentially) or B. Keeping my guitar and replace the active circuitry with passive and get some BareKnuckle pickups.

I'm moving across country from Hawaii to Washington D.C. next month and I have to part with my 4x12 and leave it here due to shipping costs and buy a new cab on the mainland (looking into getting a Millsacoustic) so this plan for my guitar might not happen for a while. I just feel that the EMGs through the Mark V can get really heavy (good thing) but since the Mark V is tight already I wanted something with a little more openness and growl. Something more alive. I've heard many good things about Bareknuckles especially the Painkiller and Nailbomb but I'm not sure If I just want to sell my guitar and find a better used guitar. I like used guitars because they are cheaper for potentially (not always) a better quality build compared to buying a new one.

Hope you guys have lots of input, thanks.

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