You guys know the drill.

I'm sill working on this song, as it has kind of an off ending, but I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of the song. It's incomplete, but it's nearly finished.

I was influenced by Meshuggah when writing this, but really, it doesn't sound anything like meshuggah. Hahaha.

C4C's please!
I quite like the first riff, its pretty interesting, but what the hell is going on with the drums?
Same goes for the next riff.
The palm muted bit is okay, gets a bit dull though.
The 6/4 riff is rather random and might sound better if the drums made more sense.
The next riff is cool when the harmonizing starts.
I like the random jazz guitar bit and then the nonsense note riff and the grooves are good too, this is the first bit that sounds kinda meshuggah influenced and it's my favourite part so far.
The next jazz bit is nice and flows nicely into a decent riff with a good lead, and it flows nicely considering it's in 5/4.
Obviously needs an ending but as you said its unfinished.
But so far i only really enjoyed it from bar 61 onwards, before that it was pretty meh.

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Thanks man, I was trying to go for a bit of a different drum feel in the song, I like it, but some people, or the majority probably don't haha.
And some of the nonsense riffs are just kinda there so it IS nonsense. If you know what I mean.

Anyways, will do, thanks again!
Misery Signals. I get that vibe throughout most of the song, with BT-BAM inflections here and there.
In fact, the 1st 2 bars of that beginning riff sounds very much like one of the riffs from Nothing on MS's Controller album. I just couldn't shake that thought off until I had clarified the similarity.

Decent song, dynamics were lacking. The beginning half is pretty strong, but it gets to washed up towards the end. I did like the djent/Meshuggah riffs tho.
The intro, while slightly repetitive, is pretty awesome. It has a Scale the Summit kind of feel to it and it flows really nicely. This riff from 34-45 was saved by the drums, I was going to suggest going to a blast or some double bass if you didn't do that the last time around which you did, very nice might I add. The break thing, the 6/4 section, and the part from 51 seemed to be lacking something maybe its just bass but with the vocals, if there are any, I am sure it will sound better. This next section, bars 63-69, remind me a lot of BTBAM and flows well into the bend section and the sweeping lick at the end is pretty bad ass. I liked the transition from the clean to the 5/4 riff, that was my favorite part. I didn't like the harmonizing part of though that much but the lead that came in made it a lot better.

All in all, I'd say this a pretty solid song and that it is going to sound a heck of a lot better as full band and thanks for the crit on my song!
thanks loads guys! I'll post an update when I finally get to finishing this song!
And I agree, the harmony isn't too cool sounding, and is kind of unnecessary.

And it's funny you mention misery signals, I'm super into them, but I hadn't even heard of them when I wrote this song! (I wrote this song probably 7 months ago. just found it in the old tab folder!)
Very interesting riff, different - and the drums compliment it well... i could only dream of writing drum parts like this! Not sure of the key change at 23, 24 - maybe find a better transition?

Yep, I think the beginning is very strong - sets a good tone for the rest of the piece. Work on structuring, and adding on to those bits and it should be great when it's done! I think the end riffs, are slightly lacking - but as you said above, some of them are 'nonsense' riffs, so that's cool

Keep it up! Are you planning on recording this? The drummer's legs will hurt so much!

Quote by Eastwinn
The drums in this song are priceless.

hahaha... how so?
and thanks again guys, I'll work on crits back as soon as I get back to my computer with guitar pro/find some time!
this is some good stuff
i was totally expecting some poly rhythm drop tuning madness rip off thingy
but was impressed the riffs flow but the whole song structure itself is something you might want to reconsider..i'm sure it would sound better with actual instruments than gp
aside from the harmony. thats just me though. not into metal harmonys. Bar 88 kills