Can i use a USB mixer like this as an interface to pkug in my mic and guitar then plug the mixer into my laptop to use with cubase???
Yeah you won't be able to record guitar/drums/vocals/etc on separate tracks unless you do them individually, it sends the stuff to the computer as just a stereo mix of all the tracks
Need a website? I can make you one for pretty cheap.
if you dont record drums you're fine with one stereo (or 2 mono) track.
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a mixer is a mixer and an interface is an interface. they do different things, so please dont confuse them.

a mixer takes multiple inputs and combines them together into a single stereo track. most mixers have some basic eq , panning, and of course the volume settings.

an interface is basicly a replacement for your soundcard. it takes your signal and uses high quality converters to make the input compatible with your computer.

a USB mixer like that is basicly a combination of the two, but is still a better mixer than interface. it has everything that a mixer has and then some ok converters. for not that much more you can get a much better interface, which you wont get sick of in a couple weeks/months. looking at thomann, the m-audio fast track mk ii and emu 0202 are two things that pop out as being better options for not much more.