So a few days ago I noticed that the back of my cell phone (the battery door or whatever you wanna call it) kept popping off. I just realized that the battery isn't really flat any more, it's kind of swollen on the top and bottom, does anyone know why it's like this? Is there anyway to fix it, or should I just get a new battery?

EDIT: Also, I've noticed that the charge only lasts like 4-5 hours now, when it used to last at least 10-12 hours.
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Yeah I'd get a new battery, sounds like that one may asplode.
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I didn't think a google search would help me out but I tried anyway... This is what I found.


Basically, it's from being overcharged I guess, which makes sense because even if it had like 3 bars I would hook it up to the charger every night.
Get a new battery. If it's screwed up and if you put it near your ear you might get hearing AIDs.
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Yeah it's going to explode. Be careful with it.

I have seen this lots of times when I've worked in mobile phone retail. Throw it away and get a new phone, or a new battery.
That happened to my G1, and its only gonna get worse, before you know it, its gonna say its full and die 10 minutes later, then it wont work at all. Batteries swell when you overcharge them. Just get a new one on ebay, i got a new one for like $10
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Try putting it in the microwave. That should help.
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