i'm a rightie, but I've noticed I can finger chords with my right hand as well. I’m just wondering if any of you out there have had that happen to you as well. It’s odd to me at least because I’m REALLY bad at everything else with my left hand. But for some reason I can do all the chords with my right hand after I learn them with my left hand. I just noticed that I was fingering some chords with my left hand on a table( I do it to try and build up my memory for where my fingers go) and I accidentally started doing it with my right hand as well. I could barre, power chord, open chord, anything that my left hand could do I could do with my right now. I tried out playing leftie on my guitar and sure enough it worked, obviously not as comfortable but I was able to do it.
Just keep practicing...it will come together. My biggest problem when switching is my shitty strummin with my left hand.