What strings would you recommend on a Yamaha FG730? I mostly play fingerpicking-style and strum a lot. I mostly play "folk"-like music (think Elliott Smith). I would like strings that give me a warm and bassy sound.

Which strings would you recommend?
Forced plug for Elixir.... I'm waayyy too much of a fanboy to resist.


I personally use the phosphor bronze, it's a nice medium and they almost feel like regular strings. You might want to give the 80/20 Polywebs a go if you like the warmer sound, plus they are more noticeably coated with the polymer, giving them a closer feel to nylon strings (which you might like if you finger pick a lot).
Try every string you can get your hands on.

I have a set of GHS Signature Bronze on my Guild CO-2 at the moment. I've tried D'Addario Phosphor Bronze, D'Addario EXP, Elixir Nanoweb/Polyweb, Red Brand Strings, John Pearse Phosphor Bronze, DR Sunbeam, etc.

There is a great deal of strings out there that could be wonderful for your guitar. Every guitar is going to be different (even of the same model, but often to a lesser degree). But probably some of the most mellow strings I've heard are Silk & Steel. I know both GHS and Martin make a style of this string.
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