I have been playing around with a few guys, for about the past year or two, but their main focus is classic rock. I have had it up to the gills with that. I am not too much interested in doing live shows, but would be awesome to just get together and record our idea's and post them online for all to hear.

I guess you could say, that I am primarily interested in studio work, or at least jamming around, even if just for fun. I can play rhythm guitar, and bass, and have equipment, but not a bass rig, just a bass guitar. I have a B.C. Rich Kerry King Signature, Marshall 50 watt and 2x10 extension cab at the moment, for recording. It's a great, meaty set-up, and would be interested in putting my talents to some sort of use, other than jamming by myself. =/

I can travel, to Rapid City. That is about as far as I can afford to go, at this point, but will negotiate travel for someone serious about this.