i recently got a marshall mg 101fx and later bought my boss me 70 but the sound out of my marshall is shit !
im takin it back to the shop i got it from and they said they could pay me £200 for it.
last time i went to the shop i tryed out the 80watt roland cube with my gear :
boss me 70 and antoria les paul
and it sounded really good
what are everyones thoughts on this amp would it be a good buy for £285 ??
if not what other amps would people recomend ??
Don't know what that converts to for USD, but going off my experience with a Cube I'd say buy it if you, personally, liked it.

It's a nice amp. I used the 80 watt version too, it was pretty cool. Not much difference between the 30 and 80 but I own the 30 and it's really nice for just a small little practice amp. I'm sure you could use it to jam with a drummer and whatnot.. And sound good still. Well, decent.. Maybe not "Good".