I took lessons for about four years, and I was writing songs and playing open mic nights and having a blast. Recently I had to stop taking lessons because of my families inability to pay and now I don't know what to do. Anyone have any tips on what I should be practicing or any videos or websites to look into? Thanks!
All of it, but writing songs is probably most important because the friends I'm forming a band with have deemed me the song writer.
You been playing for 4 years, you will be able to look at your playing, theory, song writing etc and see where you need improvements
Then, go improve
I'll prolly get flamed for saying this. But a good way to get inspired, is to hum a badass riff or melody in your head.... then imagine what it would sound like if this riff had a sibling, mirror image, whatever.

Try to create a counterpart riff to badass riff X. Change the notes and phrasing around a little bit. better yet use different notes and a different key altogether. You should find yourself coming up with pretty interesting riffs.

Just make sure you're work does not anywhere near approach plagiarism, as this is downright unethical. To ensure you don't land a copyright violation, once you have the derivative "inspired" riff, try transforming it even more, to move it further and further away from the original.

Then, write variations on this "seed" riff, which will make up the rest of the riffs of a song. Arrange those riffs, melody's, patterns whatever into the most sensible order. Then add a special ending or "coda."

And there you have a song. It doesn't get much easier than that, does it?
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