Ok so next year im finishing highschool and i dont know what to do. I know already what i want to study cause i want a career but i really want to make it into music with my band. In my city there are just 2 universities that teach what i want to study both of them are very expensive and unless i get a good scholarship i might move to another city to study. What i`ve thinked of is to write a lot of material while im on college for those 3 years (share it online with bandmates, etc) and then when i come back to my city continue working in my band. What tips do you suggest to really balance music and school and to keep the bandmates interested in the band for those 3 years with no gigs or frequent rehearsals?

quitting school is not an option for me unless i got a once in a lifetime oportunity in music.
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College is a great place to make a band work - lots of gigs - in house and in area.

Write material via computers and send them back and forth. Lots of professional bands write albums this way before touring - it's not infrequent anymore with technology. Just record your guitar track, send it to whoever, and they'll add to it.

That said, you've gotta decide what you want, at the moment at least, and gun for it. You can have primary and secondary objectives, but you have to have a focus, or you're going to meander and languish.
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You could utilize summer and winter breaks. But here is one thing to consider, that no one wants to right away: at any college you go to, there are musicians abound. I don't think you'd have to look hard to find guys to jam with, depending on the size of your school.