hey my drummer (who plays guitar as well) gave me $160 to get him a solidbody electric.
This is exactly what he said
"Les-Paulish design, if not, most Ibanez designs are cool."
I figure i can add $40 more to make it $200

im looking for something that will sounds decent, it can't have an action like an acoustic (i've played some beginner models that feel like an acoustic guitar cuz the strings are so high). Whatever the case, please let me know
An Agile Al-2000 would be perfect for him.


search for "Al-2000"
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you can find good stuff here cheap.

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You could try the Ibanez GAX. I think that's the LP style-ish cheap one. I wouldn't recommend that one as I played one and it was terrible. The one beginner guitar I recommend to everyone is an Ibanez GRX20. I have had this guitar for over 4 years and it outplays many of my more expensive guitars. The only problem with the guitar is more of an annoyance. The pick-ups are a little too muddy for my taste but they still sound excellent for a stock pick-up. If he really wants an LP style guitar you can go for the low end epiphones. They aren't too costly but the quality is pretty hit and miss. Honestly If I were you I would just go for the Ibanez. They are quality guitars for great prices.
Yeah, hit up the Rondomusic.com for some goodness. Pay attention though, because the price that you see is very different than the price after shipping. If you don't wanna go that route, ...then you're screwed. :P