I am posting this because I feel jerry cantrell deserves a thread beyond aic. The guy is one of the most talented and underrated artists and guitarists ever.
Jerry Cantrell rocks! i went to a Nickelback concert just to see Jerry open up lol...this was right after Layne died so he played alot of AIC!

IMO without Layne, Jerry is AIC, heck even with that new vocalist, Jerry's voice stands out the most. and he is a good balance of Rhythm and Lead on the Guitar.
I can agree, JC does need a separate thread. He's my all-time favorite guitarist, and does an excellent job of creating complex and thoughtful solos in addition to his chugging and eerie riffs. And he's also a great vocalist, as proven by Black Gives Way to Blue and his solo work. Never really understood how he ends up lower than Kurt Cobain on most lists of top guitarists....I'd rate him higher than Kirk Hammett any day.

Favorite AIC songs written mainly by him:

Your Decision
Down in a Hole
No Excuses
....among many others
Favorite solo songs:

Bargain Basement Howard Hughes
Leave Me Alone
Anger Rising
My Song
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jerry is awesome...i saw AIC last summer and he sounded awesome. great performance

highly underrated guitarist
I think Jerry Cantrell is a legend.

My Song, Anger Rising...etc.
I agree with him being extremely talented but i dont like him only because in AIC he is the new singer...and no one will ever replace layne staley and i dont like him because he tried but as of his solo career this guy is epic
I'm a huge JC fan, I love his solo albums, my faves from them have to be:

She was my girl
Locked on
Pro False Idol
Anger Rising
Dying inside
and Dickeye

Hell, I love all the songs, but these stand out in my opinion

I agree, I want to hear Will a little more however I think they did this purposefully to let Will slowly sink into fans minds. You want what you don't get eh?
JC is Awesome, and I'm so glad to see him recording with the rest of AIC + the new guy. I'm not super fond of new guy's voice, but Jerry's is excellent anyway, and there is no way to get a new Layne... So glad they're touring and recording... Who said the grunge genre was dead, AIC is back, and so is Soundgarden!
I love Jerry Cantrell. His playing and songwriting are unique and he's a great person, I saw many interviews with him.
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i went to a Nickelback concert just to see Jerry open up lol

JC opening for Nickelback?

Wow, the world does just not make sense.