Post your insulting band moments in this thread.

I was in a pop punk band which was an hour drive, but my car died out and it took me two months to find another. I finally got one and texted the drummer. I asked him if they found a replacement while I was gone(they both had been ignoring me for the two months, but I was trying to stay in contact), so I figured they had. They did and I was fine with it. I told him I would come out to shows and bring friends to support them( no need to be bitter. Good relations are better than bad). He said sure that sounds great. I got a text later on in the day and he said he was sorry about the whole replacing and asked if I could help them somehow. I asked how I could. He then asked if I would be the booking agent. Right there, I felt insulted. I have to focus on getting a new band together and he goes and asks me to book gigs for them. They have a "manager" that didn't seem to do anything in the three months I was in the band. I asked why isn't he and they said being a manager was too much work so booking gigs. It is a pretty LOL situation.
That story actually made me a little sad.

Sorry man.
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Mixed feelings. Being a booking agent takes some skills and not everyone can do it but they never bothered to contact you until they needed something.
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i was going to play a gig for something at our school outdoors. me, two drummers, three guitars (including myself), and a bass had been working on some songs. one drummer, the bass, and two other guitars were in the same band, while me and the other drummer were going to just jam. the singer for the band decided to declare the day of the gig a skip day the night before at lacrosse practice (a sport i ****ing hate), and so the day of the gig it was just me, 2 drummers, and a bass, with hardly any material to cover the huge time gap they created.

we tried to play anyway, extended drum solos and tried to fill space, but it didn't end well at all, and the 4 of us that were left felt like tards.

those 2 guitar players are PRICKS. end of story
I would say "Oh yeah, happy to help you out", and then I would book them in some gay bar for next to nothing. LOL
Arguing on the Internet is a lot like being in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you're still retarded
Sounds bad.

My most insulting band moments are....every band situation I've been in.

All of them being, I get people telling me they're interested in sorting a band, then never get anything back.

Though the band I'm currently in was kind of annoying also.
I was the bassist, then all the band left except for me and the rhythm guitarist (I'm now on guitar and he's on bass, probably (hopefully) not having a second guitarist).
Anyway, the insulting part is, these people who left saying "we don't feel comfortable in a band right now" end up booking a practice session at the same studio we use the hour after we used it.
Not comfortable my ass, luckily as it is now we've found some new members fairly quick, but still, was very annoying.