I've made some threads here asking about Warwicks, but I didn't feel like bumping month-old threads, so I made a new one.

I thought I was dead-set on getting a used Corvette 5 string, but lately I found out about the Sterling Ray35. Demos on YouTube sound really good, and I really like it so far. It has a nice thick sound that I want, and active pickups and electronics. I feel like I could get a really great Stefan Lessard or Dirk Lance sound (both are Warwick users).

I would rather buy new than used, as it is alot easier to find and get exactly what you want, whereas when you're buying used, the options are limited.

Only problem is, I don't know much about Sterling. Are there any outstanding problems with them, or are they a solid buy?

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I've found that they feel and sound very similar to Stingrays, but I think the electronics and pickups are a bit cheaper. Overall, a great buy for what you pay.
Ide say go with the warwick. Overall there just better made and IMO sound better. I think the ray 35 has a cheap feel and sound to it. Its just the not the same as a actual stingray.
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I'd look for a used Musicman SUB man, they go for way less than a new Stirling and have the added advantage of being US made, with the full sized body instead of the smaller Seterling one. They do them in active too. Discontinued though so used is your only option really
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A used SUB will be your best bet if you want the closest you can get to a Stingray on a budget. The Ray35 is a fine bass, but it feels like a cheaper Stingray.

IMO the used Warwick is going to be a much better buy.
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with the full sized body instead of the smaller Seterling one.

The OP is talking about the 'Sterling by Musicman' budget range, not actual Musicman Sterling basses. The Sterling budget range has the same body sizes

You can't really go wrong with the Ray35, it's very similar to a real Stingray 5. I'm not sure how it compares to a Warwick though. The best thing to do is get down to your local guitar place and try them both out to see what you like best.
Have you played either of them? I have played the Ray34 (which is the 4 string version), and I wasn't too impressed with how it feels, but the Warwick Corvette was amazing.

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