Inspired by artists such as Meshuggah, Textures and Tesseract, Periphery.

Pretty technical but nothing impossible, I think theres a good balance between heavier and lighter sections.

Cheers guys!
Atmospheric Djent.zip
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Hey man that's really cool actually. Sorta reminds me of After The Burial for some of it. Good work.
I like how it's so straight forward for quite the djent song. The only band that comes to mind is Cloudkicker.
The 1st heavy riff coulda used a bit more variation, but it works as is. The melancholic "soft" melody is very soothing, which might also have to do with it's simplicity. I quite like this song for being consistent.

It's earnest and true, in a different (and significantly better) way than being "kvlt" and "troo". There's certain honesty to this song. I can't quite my finger on it, but it has much to do with they way it's structure and how direct it is.
I hadnt actually heard of cloudkicker untill the, thanks for that! ****ing awesome