Mainly inspired by artists such as Textures, Mercenary, Meshuggah

Although it may not sound alot like them


Melodic Metal1.zip
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i find that Palm muting sounds terrible on guitar pro, tend not to use it!
i'm drowning in breakdowns...for god's sake, cut back on that...or at least don't treat the rhythm guitar and kick drum like unison instruments

also i feel like bars 28-32 were kind of wasted because of the drums..that riff is super thrashy and you could've really upped the energy with a different beat...see attachment (i cut off the end to make it small enough to upload)

also...guitar solo plz? lots of strong riffs, but they're all in the lower register. some wailing leads would really diversify the sound
Melodic Metal1.gp5
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really? i mean really?
this isnt slayer dude.
This song is about the mood it creates, with vocals this song really shines...
Good work man, but I really was waiting for a mind blowing jazzy solo at bar 81.
You know, I could definitely see Textures in this.
Let me know if you record this, right?
I really dig this kind of stuff.
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This is top of my agenda for recording mate, Ill post a link on this forum when its done
Very catchy. I liked this piece, but I also feel that wannabe_punk's criticisms are quite valid. Some sort of solo would be pretty cool in this piece. It doesn't have to be some sort of over-the-top chaotic Slayer-fest like you seem to think he implied. The criticism about the drumming is quite spot-on too. The drums are workable, but not all that exciting. Drums really make or break a piece, and they're dangerously close to breaking this one unfortunately.

The guitar parts are very catchy and melodic though. I really liked this piece and would like to here it recorded after some slight updating.
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I really liked it, especially the clean guitar parts, and it seems it would be really great with some vocals and actual guitars. So I'd like to hear a recorded version, as well. And, as most people are saying, a guitar solo somewhere.