Hello all,

I am looking at a used DRRI tonight for 650$ and was wondering what kinds of common issues I would notice as a novice while checking this out

You know, things that I might see and realize I shouldnt buy this one because of . . .

Thanks for any help
I believe I am sinking down
ommmmmmg it's beeeeen like 2 hours since you asked your question.
Their fine amps for 650.

the first set of inputs stays clean for a while. the second channel breaks up faster. It's a real loud amp.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Apprecitate the response, i know it was quick, but that was my crafty way of bumping while making myself look like an ass, not easy to do

so nothing that i would/should be looking for that typically people try to hide when selling or anything like that?

thanks again
I believe I am sinking down
If you do decide to not get the DRRI, I've got a traynor YCS100 in the cities that I'm selling for 650.
hmm, i dont know much about them rokket but i am intrigued with what little I have read so far.

I might be delayed a tad in buying with a 500 car repair to pay today, but i dont think I have the patience to wait.

Love to hear it
I believe I am sinking down