Well the thing i am 100% positive is that the pickups are active (needs a 9v battery) and a string through body. IMHO i'm not sure if its worth the $800
dude.... VMNT's are insane, i love them, sound great look great and feel great.....
fark i think im gunna buy one
YES! I've been GASing for one for about...a year now. It feels, sounds and looks great. It has THE best neck I have ever played
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IMO, the VMNT series is one of the best line of products Dean has put
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Got mine a few days ago, Cant put it down, Thought i might miss a Floyd, but i dont...The Livewires really do put out a nice sound, A tad cleaner on cleans then EMG's. Like Utmbarto said, It really does have a nice neck.
Its also really well balanced with a strap on...you dont have to take any of the weight in your fret hand.

Definetly worth 800 + you get a nice case.