What effects pedal best resembles the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughans overdrive? I have an American Fender Strat and a Mesa Boogie Triple Rect. Amp...what pedal would you suggest.

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
PRS Mark Tremonti SE (the one before they got sued!)
Morley Wah
Taylor Acoustic/Electric 314ce
uhh there might be a better place to post this thread but I would probably suggest an Ibanez Tube Screamer
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If I were you, I'd get a Marshall MG. You get that CRUSHING OVERDRIVE that everyone's talking about.
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Tube screamer, but also it's partly due to SRV using thicker strings and having a high action. You could do this too, but it makes playing a lot more difficult.
Good luck getting that tone with a triple rectifier, lol
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