so i saw some videos, read some pages etc about installing frets into a fretboard, and i noticed they just hammer/press them straight in. no glue or anything. i swear ive seen remnants of glue around the frets, but maybe its just the fretboard. so is that how you do it? no glue?
also, can you buy fretting material and truss rods at GC?
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most fret wire has like hooks in the part that goes in the fretboard(i forget what its called)
you can just hammer it on if youd like most often it would stay without problem but you can put a small drop of glue if your worried about it falling of
and i dont think they would sell it and if they do its probably expensive youd be better of ordering it off the internet
To my knowledge glue is to fill the slight gap that may be between the fretwire and the fingerboard inside the cut. If you have a cut that is a half mm too deep, on every fret, that could add up to 12mm, times that by the length and width of the cut and then you have quite a bit of wood missing, better to replace it with something!
Some put em in with no glue some use a little glue others use epoxy. Some swear by the hammer me I use a press. None of the methods are right or wrong.