I got the album 'The Fiancée' by The Chariot a while ago, and the odd meter usage (especially the dissonant riff in 'Back to Back.') throughout the album led me to do something like this.

If anyone wants to add bass to it, that'd be fine. I can't come up with anything besides just having it follow the guitar.

EDIT: Oh, and a thousand cool points to anyone who gets the title.
i'm not left handed either gp.gp5
Is it a reference to that one Disney Movie, where the two guys are sword fighting, and one of the people thought he had the advantage because he was using his left hand, even though he's right-handed, and then found out the other guy was doing the same?

Anyways, working on a bassline; I'll edit if I have any luck.
Sounds like more of a Christian title, but Disney could work too.

I like this haha. VERY The Chariot sounding, good noise core. Due to it being just guitar and drums, it was really hollow sounding. I think you should add it all, because the lack of backbone and bone isn't doing this justice at all. Decent job.
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I honestly think, for the kind of song it is, it relies too much on the repetition of the same riffs. its not about like...having one part in an odd time signature then the next measure in another. its about using the same part then bringing in small odd touches and breaks throughout. they're not often consistent in the same riff, I guess is what im trying to say.

Just my two cents, as a hardcore Chariot fanboy lol. (...I even have the 'my other car is a The Chariot' bumper sticker on my car, no lie.)
The movie's not Disney, but it sounds like you've got the right one, herby(is an internet handle a proper noun? Do you capitalize it? Someone clear this up for me.). Actually, both the characters used their left hand to give themselves a challenge, both thinking that "if I use my right, it'd be over too quickly." The way the situation presents itself in the movie I thought was hilarious when it culminated in the line that became the title of this. I don't know why I felt the need to write a long, drawn out paragraph about it.

The title's not Christian, SockMonkey. I'm not a religious person, but that's neither here nor there and UG is the last place I want to talk about anything but guitars and music.

Anyway, thanks for the crits, everybody. I'll be happy to C4C if I see anything by anyone. I'm on summer break, so I've got plenty of free time.
I have to say it sounded very hollow, you should add another guitar maybe and a bass. And i think the drums could do with some work to make it flow more.
If i'm completely honest though i didn't really get the song, i've never listened to the chariot so i didn't really get what you were trying to achieve. I also thought there was a bit too much repetition and i really didn't like 72-82, i didn't think that riff worked at all.
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59-82 was questionable for me, but everything else was solid. I especially liked how unpredictable the first riff was as far as rhythm goes. That was great. The only thing I didn't like was the amount of repetition, but considering what you said about my song I'm sure that's just a difference between our own tastes.
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