Do you have consistent low and high days? It seems like my weeks have been consistent for a few months now. Monday is a very shitty day, Tuesday not much better, on Wednesday things are decent, and by Sunday I'm having one of the best days of my life. Wake up again on Monday, and the cycle repeats itself.
We should ban Monday.
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Sunday...Bloody Sunday...

OT: weekends are awesome. weekdays are not.
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Monday mornings are just straight depressing. Wednesdays are a hump, everything culminates. Thursday is chill because it's not as busy as Wednesday. Fridays rock. Saturdays are for sleeping in and being hung over. Sundays are awesome too but then nighttime is sad because it'll be Monday when you wake up. Oh did I forget about Tuesday? Well that's about right, actually.
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Fridays threw Tuesdays are generally not the best anymore. Wednesday can go both ways alotta bad sometimes tho but then usually Thursdays are Great...sometimes
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I spend every weekend in a grocery store, working... On top of that It's our busiest days of the week. Soo I must say I hate weekends hah, unless i'm off ofcourse.
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It's summer. All days are good.

It's not summer for everyone yet. I hate Mondays, of course. And I love that feeling I get when school gets out on friday.
every day from 4-6 o clock is the worst
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
Tuesdays, on monday I'm coming back from the weekend and I'm feeling pretty good, I get to see some people in class that I wouldn't see normally. By the end of the day any enjoyment I might have had from returning to my normal routine is gone and by tuesday its like....... crap.... I have 4 more days of this
Mondays are nowhere near as bad as tuesdays imo. Generally on Monday everyone is too tired to care about anything. Tuesday is when you have to get down to serious business

I also don't like Sundays. I find it to be an intensely boring day, almost like a countdown to monday. Nobody can do anything on sunday cuz it's a "work/school night". **** you, Sundays!
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They all suck.
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Its a sad, sad day.
Monday - Shittest day of the week. Nothing is good about it.
Tuesday - Like Monday, but you're one extra day through the week.
Wednesday - Week's a little bit more relaxing, you've got a lot of work done so far.
Thursday - Ooh, one more day til Friday!
Friday - *watches clock all day*
Saturday - Wake up with hangover, and possibly a man. Go out again that night regardless.
Sunday - Wake up feeling like you've been gangraped by Willy Wonka and several Oompa-Loompas. The day is spent in mourning for the weekend, as you realise the week will start over again. Remember, a weekend means 3 days of work awaits you on Monday...

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Monday is usually the worst but sometimes I can have a horrific week.
monday : bad due to knowing you have to go through a whole new working week.
tuesday: bad because you know you still have 3 days to go
wednesday: the pivot day can be good or bad.
thursday: drags its ass because its not friday.
friday: takes forever because you know after this its party time.

and just goes over and over
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Now I have final exams and then I'm free..So, so far:

Monday suck because, well, it's Monday.
Tuesdays suck because I have school from 8 AM until 5 PM.
Wednesdays are fine (finish at noon).
Thursdays suck because it's full of boring long lessons.
Fridays is ok, thanks to the parties at night.
Weekends rock.

But now, all is great!
Mondays and Tuesdays are easily the worst. Wednesday can go either way, and once you hit Thursday things are usually pretty swell and that goes until Sunday evening.