So, I've been playing guitar for about 4 years, but I've been playing mostly metal guitar, with a little bit of blues. I'm starting to get in to classical guitar, and I would like a couple songs to start me off. I already know a little version of "Rondo Alla Turca," but from what I understand, that's a rather overrated/overplayed song. What songs would you guys suggest to me to start learning classical guitar?
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Get these collections of songs:
25 Exercises trés faciles (Opus 35) by Fernando Sor
25 Etudes Melodique et progressives (Opus 60) by Matteo Carcassi
Etudes Instructives Faciles et Agreable (Opus 100) by Mauro Giuliani

These exercises are kind of boring but they will really help your technique and make you a great player. Look for lots of Bach songs transcribed on guitar, those are always fun as well.

Also I really enjoy:
Trois Nocturnes (Op. 4) - Johann Kaspar Mertz
20 Miniatures - Alain Reiher (a really interesting contemporary composer)

I know in Canada there's the Royal Conservatory of Music which has 8 books of music made specifically for students learning Classical guitar. I don't know what equivalent of that there is in other countries but your best bet for classical music is to go to a music store and buy a bunch of music there! Good luck, hope you enjoy the world of classical guitar.
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Anyway, TS - what's your fingerpicking technique like? Have you been playing almost exclusively with a pick all these years? Maybe take a look at some fingerpicking exercises to help you get the feel of it.

But yeah, stuff by Fernando Sor is great. I also enjoyed stuff by Nick Powlesland and Gerard Montreuil if you can find some