Post some good gear you found on Craigslist in your area.

Central New Jersey:

1979 Boss CS-1 Comp. w/ Box and Instructions - $250
Crate Blue Voodoo Amplifier Half Stack - $750
Ronnie James Dio Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell Signed Concert DVD - $200

A vintage Boss, a DVD signed by Dio, and a Blue Voodoo. Damn.
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Mesa Single/Dual Recs go for $800 all day on mine.

Saw a Carvin V3 head for $400, an X100B for $400, an MTS for $350, a Mesa Mark III rackmount head go for $500 and a Mark IIB for $500...

As for the Blue Voodoo, I've seen those pop up for $500 for the head/cab several times.
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Here in Cleveland every other listing is of a Squier or a crappy Warlock.

Lucky me I was able to get a Schecter C-1 Elite, 75w Spider III amp, Boss Auto Wah, Digitech Grunge, and a flanger pedal, all from the price of $450, and its all in very good condition. I thought that was a pretty good deal.