So a lot of bands do the whole "band chant" thing. Like tons and tons! And also the cheesy clap in the chorus. My question is do they get the whole band around 1 condenser mic or something and start clapping? Or is there a clap SAMPLE out there I could use. I know FL Studio has claps but there shit. I want the real deal. Anyways ideas?
my suggestion is to get 4 people around a mic and clap, if you cant do that then just clap into the mic yourself and record 4 tracks, add the tiniest bit of reverb and/or echo and it should sound pretty close. if you want stadium type claps do this from far away with about 20 takes
Get the whole band in the booth and make them listen to the song very loud in the headphones and then make them clap to the beat.
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this any good?

do you have a mic?
you could always make your own sample.
record yourself clapping however you want, duplicate the track several times to imitate a large crowd, and randomly alter some tracks' volume and pitch. add delay/reverb to the master and export the sample

around 0:31. Just get a bunch of people who have a decent sense of rhythm, and make your beat, teach it to them, and clap. Just sit around a microphone and do your thing. Probably not a good idea to get really close to the mic.

There are probably recordings of clapping out there, and I think there are actually some drum machines that have a clapping sound.
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Get the whole band in the booth and make them listen to the song very loud in the headphones and then make them clap to the beat.

Don't turn it too loud, you'll risk headphone bleed into the claps themselves.

Claps are surprisingly annoying and painful to track.
My friends covered 'I saw her standing there' by the Beatles, which has clapping pretty much all the way through, and they put up a single condenser, stood in a semi circle about three feet back, there were three of them, and they did this three times so they had three layers of three people clapping, sounded pretty good.

If the microphone has a high pass filter on it, I'd turn that on when recording to get rid of all the low end you won't need anyways. If it doesn't, just eq all that out later.