Ive been looking to replace my agile al-2500s pickups for awhile and finally decided to get an active pickup set. Of course i immediately thought emg's but heard alot of better things about the blackouts. What are the differences between the 2?
To be totally honest, not much. The only real difference in the pickups is that the SD's only needs one 9 volt to sound like the EMG's with 2 9 Volts.

People say they can hear the difference, but it's really just a mental thing, they hear EMG's and think sterile, they hear SD's and think they sound like passive pickups.

It dosen't matter which one you go with, both are expensive as hell, and both are worth the money.
Played both...went with the Blackouts. Significant difference in tone! More mids in the SDs for sure, and they sure seemed hotter as well.
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EMG's sound like..Well, EMG's.
Blackouts bring more of the tone of the guitar out, And makes it a little more natural sounding.
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In my opinion, the Blackouts felt more like passives, and lacked the edginess of EMGs. In terms of tone, Blackouts feel like middle ground between true passive pickups and EMGs. It has also been said that moving EMGs to 18v helps to make them more organic, like the Blackouts, but meh... I don't agree with that.

Ultimately, try them both under as near equal circumstances as you can get.
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