How long did/is it taking you to get 'good' at picking?
i have been doing usually an hour a day for about 6-7 months and i have seen only minimal improvement.
i think im fairly good at picking
and it took me two years to where i am today
since when i started playing but about 5 months after i started using a pick i was what i though was good at the time
this really actually depends of your defenition of 'good'
I actually have no clue...

When i think about it my picking has been constantly changing over the 4 years i have been playing, as of now my picking is very smooth and my movements are small. I also use legato much more often now so i also pick less than I did when I began to play.

For me after a while I did not have to consciously practice on picking to see improvement.

Play some songs that use solos and other lead licks. Also practice string skipping and make sure you are not anchoring and try not to think about it. after practicing something slowly for a while your hands will eventually know where to go and what to play and if you actually think about it you will only trip yourself up.
good luck
well it takes time it really depends on how much you practice but it just sort of comes with your being able to play other songs and lead lines you won't really notice the changes until you stop and think then eventually you'll be able to play and not have to look down
ive been play consistently for about 7 months and i think i pretty good at picking
It takes as long as it takes, stop concentrating on it so much and just play, you'll get there eventually as long as you keep up the practice.
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You'll find that you'll take major strides every so often.
I was already pretty good at picking in 2008. Then, I got laid off and didn't work for 4 months. My picking became very accurate!!
Took me about 4-6 months, so it doesn't take that long. If you're talking about alternate picking, just slowly strum the string back and forth, and progressively get faster, and suddenly one day it will just click.