Hi guys, I'm a total newbie to recording and I'm trying to line my amp to my laptop.. Im using a cheap behringer UCA222 audio interface.. I know I'm gonna sound really stupid, but can somebody help me with where i should plug everything?? I mean the way my guitar/pedals/amp/interface should be setup so that cubase picks it up?? Sorry this is just all new to me Thanks!
guitar>pedals>amp>fx out>more pedals>fx in>amp line out>interface>computer line in

that is assuming you have an amp with an fx loop/pedal that you use in the fx loop. in cubase, make sure you go into the preferences and set it to the right audio input.
It seems when i plug in my interface, i can no longer here any sound from my pc, but it reads that the interface picks up.. I can hear sounds out of the program(for example the metronome) but cant hear anything outside of the program.. ??
well, the right audio in would be the line in. as opposed to a built-in mic or something like that. but if cubase is picking it up, then its already on the right one.

I've only used cubase a couple times because I didn't really like it, but I would just poke around in the preferences and try stuff. I assume you're using a version of cubase that came with your interface? Because tbh, and this is just personal opinion, unless you've paid for cubase or have some other reason for using it, i'd just download Reaper. It's more or less free, if you use it a ton youll eventually have to pay 60 USD to buy the license, but that's still amazingly cheap for all it does.