So I've been learning to play guitar for the last few months, mostly off of internet videos. I know, not the best way to learn to do anything :P

I've booked a single lesson at a music school for next week, but I can't afford any more than that because all the places around here are really expensive.

So anyways...

I'm fairly certain there's something wrong with the way I'm holding the pick. It's CONSTANTLY slipping out of my fingers, so I keep having to stop to adjust it mid song. And because I'm compensating for that, I build up a lot of tension in my strumming arm, and it gets really sore really quickly.

So I wind up dropping my pick/having to stop because my arm hurts so bad before I can finish a 3 minute song.

Anybody have any advice? Maybe really detailed instructions on how to keep tension out of my arm/not drop the pick?

Thanks so much!
get grippy picks?
only thighten the muscles you need to hold the pick and nothing else
you know
firmly but loosely
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE2S3u-Wz1g also i recommend jazz picks since they give better control and force one to pick cleaner. as far as your arm hurting that used to happen to me too but eventually your arm will get used to it. i recommend taking lots of breaks in the beginning